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Meet our partner prof. Francesco Frontini from SUPSI

SUPSI is a University of Applied Science located in Switzerland with different research institutes dealing with architecture and environment, Design, Technology and IT and other. The sector I am leading is working since more than 20 years in the integration of renewable energy in the built environment and sustainable construction as BIPV.

What’s your role in the project?

SUPSI’s role in the MC2.0 project is to develop new strategies and approaches to improve the market deployment of IPV solution developing also cost-effective solution and interesting business cases. Moreover, we are responsible of different activities relating to IPV solution optimization and testing procedure to guarantee the right quality and performances with strong focus on final products.

What makes this project so interesting?

IPV market is becoming very interesting and mandatory if we would like to proper address the ambition goal settled by the EU Commission and the Green Deal. MC2.0 is offering a unique disruptive approach for the large-scale deployment and massive market adoption of these technologies. Thanks to an advanced manufacturing approach that we call “mass customization” we will provide semi-finished cost effective and reliable laminates to different integrators. The MC2.0 team will be able to offer innovative product ranging from window solutions, roof tiles and lightweight façade solution. This diversity of possibilities together with the experience of the project partners make the project very interesting and promising.