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Meet our partner Davide Colla from Applied Materials Italia

Davide Colla is the innovation manager for Applied Materials Italia, he develops solutions and patents for AGS, Center of Excellence Treviso. AGS is Applied Global Services, a business segment of Applied Materials. In the MC2.0 project he collaborates with senior researchers on the applications of c-Si solar cells to the different use cases.

Applied Materials Italia main role in MC2.0 consists in designing and supplying back-contact solar c-Si cells optimized for the integration in the project use cases. Applied Materials Italia manufactures and supply solar cells that are processed in the mass customization line. The resulting products, the back-contact-c-Si-cells semifabricates are qualified for use as integrated photovoltaics products. Applied Materials Italia also contributes to design specification related to back-contact solar c-Si cells and to the automated handling of customised configurations of said cells.

What makes this project so interesting?

Applied Materials Italia aims to demonstrate the performance of a high-efficiency solar cell architecture delivered into a specifically-customised configuration suitable for being integrated into a mass-customization semifabricate. The MC2.0 project provides an outstanding opportunity of collaboration with experts in the field of photovoltaics as well as in the field of building-integrated photovoltaics in the European landscape.

About Applied Materials Italia

Applied Materials Italia, formerly Baccini S.r.l., is a leading equipment supplier to the solar industry.  Founded in 1967 in Treviso, Italy, Baccini pioneered the advancement of solar-cell manufacturing and became an industry benchmark for screen-printing production lines. Baccini introduced the first fully automated c-Si solar screen-printing line in 1996, followed by the Rotary Line in 2004 and the Softline in 2007. With its high-performing high-volume production lines, including the Tempo introduced in 2014, Applied Materials Italia rapidly established a worldwide presence in the market by supplying its products and services to nearly every solar-cell manufacturing company. Applied Materials Italia is a subsidiary of Applied Materials, Inc. a semiconductor and display equipment company.


Davide Colla from AMAT