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Meet our partner Andreas Zimmermann from Sunplugged

Sunplugged develops a flexible, made-to-measure thin-film photovoltaic material. Sunplugged´s photovoltaic foil is based on a couple of proprietary technologies ranging from a robust, yet very flexible base material (the substrate) a high efficient thin-film solar cell and a printed interconnection. The printed interconnection enables the production of fully customized and ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules. Sunplugged currently employs 10 high-skilled physicists and engineers in its pilot line near Innsbruck,Austria.

Sunplugged´s main role in #mc2dot0 is the adaption and optimisation of its photovoltaic foil for usage in the MC 2.0 line and integration the demonstrator applications. In order to achieve these goals Sunplugged works on a wide scope of topics such as the digitization of its printed interconnection, handling systems for its delicate semi-finished photovoltaic foil or making the foil back-contactable.

What makes this project so interesting?

The project helps to optimize Sunplugged´s core product and addresses crying needs on the way to industrialization of the flexible photovoltaic material. The MC 2.0 project facilitates the collaboration with other experts in the field photovoltaics and with potential customers.