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First project results

The MC2.0 project recently delivered its first results. Requirement specifications documents have been composed for each of the Integrated PV (IPV)-products that are developed in the project. This is the result after thorough discussions and close collaboration among all the contributing partners.

Within our project, a total of 4 IPV-products are addressed: pitched roof tiles, facades, Venetian blinds in glazing, and windows. For each IPV-product different aspects of the construction industry are relevant, with all having their own set of standards and norms. Moreover, as the building industry is not harmonized on a European level (yet), there are different standards for each EU member state. Of course, also the PV and BIPV standards, norms and best practices are relevant for the requirements. Together, the MC2.0-partners have written comprehensive requirements documents for each IPV-product. As a final step, these documents are under review at the Horizon Europe office.