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Cost Modeling in MC2.0 

In December, the first deliverables for WP3 were submitted. One of the deliverables was not a report but a cost calculation model for forecasting production costs. The submitted model is a public version of TNO’s CostInsight, a validated model developed and utilized for calculating low MRL production processes of solar modules and thin-film electronics. 

Cost Modeling 

The CostInsight model, developed by Niels van Loon at TNO, aims to estimate the projected production costs of (thin-film) applications developed by TNO, Holst Centre, and Solliance. This validated model is employed in numerous calculations for applications like CIGS modules, OLED displays, flexible barrier technology, and perovskite solar modules, supporting research and business case development. 

The model follows a ‘bottom-up’ approach, initiating with a technical analysis of the product, its production process, and the materials used. This differs significantly from Cost-of-Ownership studies that begin from a financial perspective. The analysis starts with technology, examining each production step and considering variables such as equipment, operations, yield, and production throughput to calculate costs. 

It is particularly suitable for calculating costs for low TRL (Technology Readiness Level) or low MRL (Manufacturing Readiness Level) production processes. 

Use of CostInsight in MC2.0 

In the Horizon Europe project MC2.0, the model is utilized to calculate estimated production costs for four different BIPV end products and their photovoltaic semi-fabricates. Collaborating with project partners, data is collected from product design, anticipated production processes, and materials. Under the auspices of TNO, this process will result in the development and calculation of various BIPV use cases, supported by mass customization technology. 


As agreed, the model is publicly available. A downloadable public version, along with supporting documentation, can be found on the platform under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license. 

Follow this link to download: